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A day full of live live RV tours, music, comedy, magic and education on how to get the best deal on your next RV.

There are some little-known things about getting a great deal on an RV that most people aren’t aware of that the dealers don’t want you to learn. We’re going to expose them in this Virtual RV Show, let you ask questions and get the information you need to protect yourself.

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What is A Virtual RV Show?

Look At All The Things You'll See!

Meet Our Hosts

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David Durnell


RV Industry veteran with over 23 years of dedication to his customers...helping them get the RV of their dreams, with the service they deserve!

From school teacher to entrepreneur he's dedicated his life to helping others.

David McCreary​ 2

David McCreary

Co-Host & Emcee

David McCreary has been performing comedy and magic for over 25 years. His unbelievable sleight of hand and rapid-fire quick wit combine to create an entertainment experience like no other, an experience that will have folks scratching their head one moment and holding their sides from laughter the next.

Meet the Sponsors

RV Wholesalers

Offering you a new and better way to buy your next RV, delivered right to your home...along with the best nationwide service and support available. (and yes we have delivered RV's to Hawaii and 10 countries outside the U.S. 🙂


Forest River

Meet the Band

We put together a Nashville all-star band with the guitarist/vocalist Paul "Trailer" Scott, who tours w/ the country music duo LOCASH as well as Kelly Clarkson's drummer, Lester Estelle, pro bassist Mike Ball, and the legendary Jeffrey "Swift" Scott , the lead guitarist/vocalist for American Idol winner David Cook.

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